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Every time a woman confesses to me that she has never had an orgasm, I feel strangely blessed. I know this must sound strange. So let me explain: Although I feel empathy and pity for her, I also feel as though it’s a message from the Universe to encourage me to keep going on my mission to raise orgasmic awareness. 


These intimate confessions from women I’ve just met – or never met if they contact me online – make me feel incredibly special. They help me realize that they trust me enough to share such an intimate piece of information with me. Especially if it’s something that they might not have ever shared with their best friend or loved ones. Yet they are telling me, and they don’t even know me. 


Sometimes during self-love sessions, I devote my orgasm to all the anorgasmic women in the world. As I clench my muscles in orgasmic ecstasy, I imagine I am donating my magical spasms to them. 


I have often wanted to give these women a detailed coaching course to encourage them to make the mind-body connection that is necessary to reach orgasm. That is to say, letting go of limiting beliefs, body hang-ups, and just enjoying the power of the clitoris as well as other hot spots. It’s a nice idea, but as a one-woman symphony, I have enough to do as it is. So I’ll just stick to making my own videos for now. 


Fortunately, I have found a course that I can recommend to these women, and here it is! offers an array of erotic video courses that enable you to enhance your sex life in the privacy of your own home or wherever you may be. I recently completed their Female Orgasm Online Course which comprises a selection of videos that cover different areas of stimulation of the female anatomy. It also includes some practical orgasmic theory that you can put into practice with a partner or solo. 

I would recommend repeating the courses and although it is about reaching female orgasm, I believe that the objective should always be simply to relax and feel pleasure. Once you achieve this, you will be more receptive to your first orgasm when it happens. This means you won’t feel as though you’ve failed the course if you don’t hit the jackpot.  


If it’s any consolation, It took me a good six months after buying my first rabbit vibrator to actually have my first orgasm. I never gave up, and look at me now!


Some people figure it out on their own and maybe thanks to an enthusiastic, comprehensive partner. Others use porn, which is a terrible way to learn about intimacy, in my opinion. Personally, I received my sex education from a catholic school. Needless to say, there was no mention of orgasm. The emphasis was purely on procreation and we were taught the  ‘don’t get pregnant out of wedlock’ drill. My own personal extracurricular discoveries were all thanks to my generous lovers of different genders as well as women’s magazines. 

The Female Orgasm course from Beducated was very surprising for me. I assumed it would cater to women who have never had an orgasm. I’m sure it is helpful for this purpose, but it was more than I expected. Instead, it offered a detailed tour of the main pleasure spots of the female body. For example, there is a class based on the clitoris, the G spot, the A-spot (cervical orgasms), nipples, the anus and multiple orgasms. There is even an audio exercise that you do on your own and another with a partner. 


The videos are short but they are packed with information. This includes information on the female anatomy as well as some practical demonstrations with a model. They show different techniques to stimulate different body parts with your own hand or with the help of sex toys. 


I watched all the videos as I was enjoying a home-cooked, organic vegan meal. There were times that I found it difficult to concentrate on my food for obvious reasons. 

Even though I consider myself to be very well versed in the subject of female orgasm, even I learned some new techniques. The course would even be beneficial for men who are intrigued about finding out more about the female anatomy. The beauty of a video course is that you can go back and go over the classes again and again until you have mastered the art of female orgasm fully and completely. You can never know too much about pleasure! That’s the beauty of human sexuality, there is always something new to learn! 


If you are interested in learning more about female pleasure zones and orgasm, for a limited time, this course is available at a special price. You can also gift someone you know who you think deserves to learn more about female orgasmic potential. 


Enjoy the class! 

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  1. So, would you recommend this for heterosexual men as well? Love what you’re doing by making female sexuality okay or rather, changing the perception by leading.

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