Bathroom Sex by Venus O'Hara

Bathroom Sex – Wet Clothes Fetish

I’d been thinking about shooting a wet clothes fetish set for a long time but,when it happened, it was fast, instinctive and exciting.

I was fully clothed when I lay back in the bathtub and began fooling around with the shiny shower head. As the hard rain of the hot water drenched my thin, white blouse my hard nipple became obvious through the transparent fabric. My glasses steamed up very fast and I was left with the feeling of my clinging wet clothes becoming heavier against my skin. My drenched hair fell in wet coils against my shoulders and, as the gleaming droplets hit my mouth, my shining wet lips formed a rich lipsticked pout before opening slightly to receive what was being offered.

Bathroom Sex by Venus O'Hara
Bathrooms have never been a place set aside for just keeping clean. Many of my male friends have admitted to me that their sex life mainly consists of masturbating in the shower before work. This private moment of quality “me-time” became mainstream with my favourite scene from “American Beauty” and the brilliant performance of Kevin Spacey.
Bathroom Sex by Venus O'Hara
Female friends have confided to me that they use their showerheads to masturbate in a variety of ways but, when it comes to couples, the cramped conditions of a bathroom and even the temperature of the water can get in the way. Bathroom sex can seem a wonderful idea but it’s hard to get really comfortable and, if you’re not under the water, it can get really cold.
Bathroom Sex by Venus O'Hara
I thought about that when I began to enjoy the feeling of being exposed and naked even though I was fully dressed and soaking wet. It was such an arousing experience that I’ve already made plans to repeat it and shoot more sets exploring the wet clothes fetish.
Bathroom Sex by Venus O'Hara
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Photography by Andrew O’Hara..

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