Atom Plus by Hot Octopuss – Review

Atom Plus by Hot Octopuss – Review by Venus O’Hara

A friend of mine shared her wedding day picture as part of Throwback Thursday on social media last week. I couldn’t help but think how different our lives had become. Once upon a time, we shared clothes and even boyfriends a couple of times. But now, we couldn’t have turned out more differently. As she posed proudly online, flaunting the ring, her written post wanted to inform all of us that she was still in the midst of marital bliss all these years later. Please don’t get me wrong, I was happy for her. But, I was so glad it wasn’t me in her place. Coincidentally, I’d just had a cock ring shipped to me to test it. and enjoy for a temporary alliance that would be a good deal shorter than any marriage.

There are no wedding bands on my finger, just a claddagh ring to prove my Celtic credentials. Yet, my sex toy collection includes many cock rings to test. I flash them proudly on social media, but I have to refrain from showing the male members that best display them. I’m so thrilled that those cocks change as often as the rings do. It gets messy when the rings are removed sometimes, but in a completely different way than would be caused by separation or a divorce. There’s no need to engage lawyers when a cock ring has been removed. I still insist on practising strict monogamy with cock rings for hygiene purposes. That’s a lot more than can be said for traditional marriages.

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Using a cock ring isn’t too different from the way a traditional one is included in a wedding ceremony. Now that I’m Zen, no ceremonial union that I would be involved in would ever be expected to last. Lifelong vows are too restrictive. The only thing that is important to me during my trysts is the here and now. In the brief time that a partner and myself are united, we will both give it our all. I have to be with someone who is committed to the occasion and who is totally into me. There are no boring sermons, just a requirement to get straight to the juicy bits. The ring is eased on without the need for vows. The only necessity is a hard penis with a condom on it. I’m convinced that most men are more turned on by a cock ring ceremony than a wedding one.

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There are some guys who insist on boasting that their manhood is far too big for a cock ring of any kind. I take great pleasure in reassuring them that those issues have already been taken into consideration during the research and development stage.

Atom Plus from Hot Octopuss is a cock ring, but not just any cock ring. In fact, it’s the world’s first integrated dual motor cock ring that provides powerful perineal stimulation for the male partner and intense clitoral stimulation for the female partner at the same time. In other words, it’s worn around the shaft and the scrotum simultaneously. Check out the diagram below:

cock ring, atom cock ring, perineal stimulation, clitoral stimulation, venusohara, venus o'hara,, couples sex toys, vibrators, rechargeable sex toys

It has five vibration patterns and five levels of intensity.

PACKAGING: It’s presented in a box that contains a USB charging cable, an instruction manual and a drawstring storage bag.  

MATERIAL:  A lot more luxurious than previous Hot Octopus pleasure products. Compatible with water-based lubricants. It’s Waterproof, so you can enjoy it with your partner in the bath or the shower.


NOISE LEVEL: Moderate.


I charged the toy up fully before putting it to work for the first time. I enjoyed its effects as a solo clitoral stimulator before using it with a male partner. There is an on / off button to activate the vibrations, and change the setting, on one part of the toy. Then, the (+) and (-) buttons (situated on the other motor) can be utilised to increase or decrease the strength.

Atom Plus has five different vibration patterns, and five levels of intensity. It’s very flexible and easy to bend. The bigger motor stimulates the clitoris and found, to my intense pleasure, that the deep and rumbly vibrations generated by the motors brought me to a state of shuddering, orgasmic bliss in no time at all.

It took me a couple of days to find a suitable candidate for the proper test. But then, the arrival of my period delayed it once again. This only served to increase the sexual tension between my lover and myself. He is traditional in his tastes and has never even tried a conventional cock ring. This was going to be an unprecedented experience for him.

After an intense session of elaborate foreplay, he was keen to put a condom on and penetrate me. ‘Wait’, I urged ‘Don’t forget the cock ring!’ His face dropped when he saw the extent of the hole (the aperture of the cock-ring). He admitted that he was worried about being insufficiently endowed to fit inside, but it was fine. In fact, this often happens with men; they forget that cock-rings are designed to fit all sizes of manhood.

I rolled a condom onto his length and then eased the upper portion of the Atom Plus around his girth. I stretched it and fitted the lower section under his scrotum. His face wore a mystified expression as he examined the apparatus. ‘This feels weird’ he smiled ‘but, good’. After a brief pause, he proceeded to penetrate me.

He felt harder than usual, as he ground his pelvis and ground it against mine. This technique is much preferable to merely thrusting because it maintains constant, clitoral, stimulation. Normally, I favour the missionary position so I can appreciate the weight on top of me. Then, I squeeze my PC muscles against his stiffness, rhythmically, until I come. This time, however, I was on top so I had all the control.  I rocked myself back and forth, feeling him harden inside me, with strong, rumbly vibrations from the cock-ring making my clitoris throb. I felt the occasional spank and squeeze against my rump before I ended up in a state of ecstasy. He wanted to be released from the cock-ring before ejaculation, so he withdrew with regret. We removed Atom Plus and he penetrated me again. He came almost immediately with more intensity and volume than usual.

It was, most assuredly, a successful test.

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ORGASM-O-BILITY: Wow! Atom Plus transformed an already hot situation into one that became an off the charts sexperience. We’ll be repeating the exercise without a doubt! I loved the fact he made much more noise than usual. That little detail, in itself, is enough to get me going, even more than usual.

PROS: Amazingly soft texture. Intuitive controls. Waterproof. USB rechargeable. Provides stimulation for both partners. Can be used manually as a clitoral stimulator for her or as a solo toy for him.

CONS: The look on my lover’s face when he realised his cock and balls went inside it. Once I’d convinced him about its merits, his frown turned upside down. The motor only lasts for 40 minutes…


  • Using during penetration.
  • Using manually as a clitoral stimulator.
  • Stimulating both partners during penetration.
  • Solo male use during masturbation.
  • To enhance an erection.

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