Are you a tickler or a ticklee? (Tickle Fetish)

In tickle fetish scenarios, a tickler is a person who performs the tickling whereas a ticklee is the person who is being tickled. Despite my usual dominant nature, I beg to differ when it comes to being part of a tickling tryst. Under those circumstances I much prefer to be the ticklee instead of the tickler.

As my online presence has developed, the offers made to me by anonymous ticklers desiring to get to work on my feet have only increased. Some optimistic ones have even gone so far as to suggest including me in a tickling threeway. I’d be passive and blindfolded, apparently, while two tickle fetishists would take one foot each. To my dismay I’ve been sent unsolicited and candid footpics recently as well. The owners of the oversized and hairy objects are offering up their feet and asking me whether I want to tickle them.

Hosiery Striptease 2 Venus O'Hara by Mr Tickle BCN-0068

I’ve come to the conclusion that what suits me best is being a capricious, and self-centred ticklee. That means lying back on a soft bed and luxuriate in the pure sense pleasures that are only available to me when a committed tickler does all the hard work. It’s up to them to devise an effective tickling strategy and carry it out to the best of their ability. They’ll be free to bring different tickling implements with them and I’ll expect experimentation with different pressures on diverse parts of my body. They’ll do good work on my soles, arches and inbetween the toes before, presumably, taking advantage of my armpits and waist.

Advanced ticklers are more than aware of the numerous places on the ticklee’s body that have high tickle potential and they’ll know the most effective techniques for getting the most out of them by way of smart stimulation. But, an especially gifted tickler will observe my subtle reactions to his special style and be able to interpret my body language. In this way they’ll be able to anticipate the type of tickle that I’ll be craving next.

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2 thoughts on “Are you a tickler or a ticklee? (Tickle Fetish)”

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  2. I am a ticklee. My favorite fantasy is for a large woman to dominate and make me helpless in some way. Then she tickles me until I can’t stop laughing. While she is tickling me, I like to be smothered with her huge breasts and enormous ass.

    I’ve had this fetish for as long as I can remember, but it started out as a fear that women were passing me over very cold water, and I was turned on by the feat that they were slowly going to lower me into the cold water.
    Eventually, the excitement turned into a fear of being tickled. I like the woman to baby me too by saying “coochie, coochie, coo” constantly.
    Thanks for letting me confess my favorite sex fantasy.

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