ANYA & BONNIE – 2 New Vibrators from Svakom

Anya and Bonnie – Two new vibrators from Svakom

The cold weather has had a profound effect on my work this winter. This is despite living in a new apartment by the beach, where I can enjoy sunrises and engage in meditation with the relaxing sound of lapping waves seducing my mind. That’s all well and good, but the insulation in my new home is still shockingly bad. I’m sure that this won’t be an issue when summer comes, of course, but this winter weather seems to just go on and on. The most significant issue that the cold weather has raised my productivity has been that of selfies and belfies. I’ve been taking considerably fewer of them, simply because I couldn’t stand the idea of exposing my charms in a low temperature. Don’t get me wrong, I usually love the goosebump effect and I adore flaunting a pair of hard, pencil-rubber, nipples. It’s just that shivering for my art doesn’t feel sexy.

Then, when I received Anya – a powerful, warming vibrator from Svakom – I was grateful for the extra-cold weather after all. Using the toy would be like having my own personal heating system, one that would provide me with orgasms. In addition, it was the very first warming sex toy that I’ve tried.

Heat and friction are vital components that contribute to effective cunnilingus and memorable tribbing sessions during lesbian sex. The sensation that derives from another hot, moist, vulva rubbing against my own is one of the finest that I’ve ever experienced. Needless to say, Anya activated my favourite sapphic fantasies when I had the pleasure of using it.

Bonnie is a different prospect entirely. It’s a double ended vibrator with two independent motors that can be used individually or simultaneously. The wider end is reminiscent of a wand massager in that it’s big and round but more lightweight. This makes it ideal for clitoral stimulation or even massaging other parts of your – or your partner’s – body. The narrower end is perfect for G-spot stimulation, direct clitoral stimulation and for caressing nipples, and other body parts, during foreplay.

MATERIAL: Medical grade silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricants.

PACKAGING: Both models are presented in a stylish box which is ideal for storage or for offering as a gift, It also contains a USB charging cable, a drawstring storage bag and an instruction manual.


ANYA: Very intuitive. A full charge will provide you with hours of pleasure. The warming feature can be used independently but the battery will run down a lot faster if it is activated. The toy doesn’t take long to warm up and the sensation of a hot rod up against your vulva is deeply satisfying and not just because of the cold. To be honest, it reminded me of a warm mouth giving me cunnilingus or of my best tribbing days. It’s also ideal for penetration, or external clitoral stimulation. There are five vibration modes and five intensities. The addition of the intelligent mode offers twenty-six different possibilities for stimulation.

BONNIE: Very intuitive. With control buttons similar to ANYA, you can choose which end you desire to provide pinpoint, or indirect, stimulation. I prefer the bigger, rounder end. It’s effect is similar to that of a wand, but it’s lighter and easier to handle. Using both ends simultaneously is amazing for girl-on-girl action but the drain on the battery is significant. Still, sharing is caring! Although I didn’t have another girl to share it with, I thought about it intently nevertheless. Those elaborate sapphic fantasies were more than enough to allow Bonnie to elevate me to peaks of shuddering, orgasmic, bliss.

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NOISE LEVEL: Light-moderate.

STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Both Anya and Bonnie provide deep, rumbly, vibrations.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: Both devices provided me with intense, pelvis-bouncing, orgasms. Although their chosen routes to orgasm were different, they both carried me to that same destination just as effectively.


ANYA: Versatile. Can be used as a classic vibe. Internal/external stimulation with or without the warming function. Numerous vibration settings. Elegant packaging. USB rechargeable. Warms up quickly.

BONNIE: Versatile. Can be used for foreplay, massaging other body parts, aches and pains, clitoral stimulation. The narrow end is suitable for nipple, G-spot or pinpoint clitoral stimulation. Highly appropriate for tickling purposes or for mutual enjoyment with another female. Elegant packaging. USB rechargeable.

CONS: Not completely silent but I’m nitpicking here.

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  • Foreplay.
  • Clitoral stimulation.
  • Demanding women looking for versatile vibrators and intense sensations.
  • Vaginal stimulation.
  • Using with a female partner (Bonnie).
  • Using during cold weather (Anya).

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