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There is a primitive thrill associated with properly applied ankle restraint. The heady eroticism that is experienced through it can often be combined with an instinctive response that can only be described as animal in nature. 

Ankle restraint does not have to be part of a bondage game to reveal its sexual potential. Having doggy-style sex is extremely horny on its own terms but if my lover takes the opportunity to grab my ankle, when I am powerless to resist, our excitement can be multiplied. I am not only immobilised but I am suddenly turned into a submissive creature at the mercy of my lover’s whims and capriciousness. It doesn’t get much better.

ankle fetish 2

Even the sensation of wearing something around the ankles is arousing; I am thinking about a particular pair of sandals, that I bought recently, that have a slightly abrasive ankle-strap. I make sure that the strap is always a little too tight when I am out walking. That subtle pressure on my ankles makes me feel more secure, more aware of that special part of my foot. No one walking past me would ever know that my feet feel “strapped-in”. They would only see me smiling if they had the time to notice anything at all. On the other hand, a fetishist would spot a clever little ankle detail on a pair of high-heels, or boots, before anything else.

ankle fetish 9

When bondage is applied to my ankles, the result can leave me feeling like a mermaid. Although handcuffs can be utilised for this effect, they are really intended for wrists, so they can seem excessively tight. Sometimes rope can leave compression marks on the skin for quite a while after it has been removed, resulting in a delicious tingling even though the rope has gone. The skin can not easily forget the feeling of being restrained.

You can utilise softer fabrics and alternative items of apparel for ankle-centred fun and games. This could mean a silk tie or satin scarf. I have never accepted the necessity for pain within a BDSM scenario and these other options open up even greater potentials for the exploration of erotic bondage and sensory arousal. 

The ankle is a highly delicate and extremely sensitive part of the body. Indeed, some foot fetishists have become so highly specialised in their tastes that they worship this part above all others and I can see why.

ankle fetish 16

Plug Pumps by Ainsley-T

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