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An Orgasm A Day, Keeps The Doctor Away – Why I Have Daily Orgasms

An Orgasm A Day, Keeps The Doctor Away – Why I Have Daily Orgasms

Written by Rupert O.


In this video, Venus explains why she has daily orgasms.


As a professional sex toy tester, she doesn’t necessarily have to have them. In a typical week, she only really needs to have 5 orgasms to test a toy properly. They need to be put through their paces thoroughly before a review can be written. Sometimes, she uses a favourite toy for self-pleasuring. At other times, Venus concentrates her efforts on the latest model.


In her opinion, having an orgasm a day isn’t like having to take a pill at a certain time. In fact, she wouldn’t want the process to become ‘mechanical.’ When that has been the case, in the past, she has: ‘had to reduce my masturbation.’ 


Even her most favourite sexual fantasies can become a little dull through overuse. Venus has discovered some new techniques recently. And she’s found some new reasons to masturbate.


Masturbation can become a little bit excessive. Not because of the quantity, Venus says, but because of its similarity to ‘stuffing your face with chocolate.’ 


Venus has been undergoing a spiritual awakening over the past year. She has become fascinated by Kundalini energy and the techniques involved in sexual transmutation and masturbation. 


She’s been incorporating some of her non-sexual desires into whatever provocative mental scenario is turning her on at that moment. She has also been prolonging her excitement. The process is not just about racing to an orgasm. If she had been using a toy with her favourite shape, an orgasm might have taken 7-9 minutes in the past. Now, she’s taking a lot longer.


Venus focuses on four main things before she masturbates. This continues during stimulation and carries on after her orgasm, while she cups her vulva. Then she closes her eyes and returns to contemplating her initial intention.


Venus believes that having daily orgasms assists you in connecting with your body. She can be quite restless at night, often waking up between 3 and 4 AM. She would usually masturbate then. After a few minutes, she finds that all of her muscles relax. It makes her feel sleepy again. 


Thoughts aimed towards sexual desires and non-sexual desires combined have a profound effect. Doing so: ‘takes any negativity out of my head-space. It makes me feel relaxed and allows me to go back to sleep again.’


Venus might have a morning orgasm. This isn’t a problem for her schedule because she has: ‘ a no-alarm life.’ She believes that 9 years without an alarm clock is: ‘a key component in an orgasmic lifestyle.’ Morning masturbation is usually followed by meditation. Then comes breakfast.


When she makes her ‘Sex Toy Laboratory’ video during the day, she uses her featured toy again. The real testing happens either before bed, during the night or the following morning. Venus doesn’t believe that those times count as work.


In the past, she used orgasm to deal with writer’s block. That happens less often now. She might prescribe a therapeutic orgasm to remedy period pain from time to time. But, laying down in the afternoon and masturbating on a whim is a thing of the past.


If she added-up the minutes she used to spend casually masturbating, it would be a lot. In fact, it could have been as much as an hour a day. Now, it’s kept to a strict minimum. 


And orgasms provoked by someone else, have no effect on her usual, solo, orgasmic frequency.

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