An Afternoon of Foot Worship

‘Sit down and close your eyes’, he says, pointing to a black leather sofa. I obey, a little surprised that he wants to get down to business as soon as I arrive at his office. He covers my eyes with a blindfold and I sigh. Suddenly I feel a lot more relaxed, because from this point onwards, I know that I won’t have to do or think about anything; I can just lie down and enjoy some superior quality foot worship.

He unties the laces of my red Converse and takes them off with great care. I notice the cold temperature of the tiled floor through the thin fabric of my white socks. Then, he grabs my ankle and raises it before resting it on his shoulder. I sigh again and throw my head back, relaxing even more. He grabs my other ankle, but instead of putting it on his other shoulder, he holds it firmly, making me feel like his prey and I start to notice my arousal.

Venus O'Hara foot fetish by Lourdes Ribas

Photos by Lourdes Ribas

Moments later, he releases me and begins to peel my sock off very slowly, as if he were undressing me. My socks suddenly seem to have the same significance as a pair of panties. I can feel the cold air against my skin and then a breath of hot air from his mouth that takes me by complete surprise. I feel his warm wet kisses on my skin as each new piece of it is exposed. As soon as he removes my sock, he takes my naked foot in both hands. I am helpless as I feel his hot breath against the soles of my feet, tickling me. I arch my foot, laugh, and my whole body reacts. He grips my foot with even more authority.

foot fetish Venus O'Hara by Lourdes Ribas

‘Are you ticklish?’ he asks. I nod and tilt my head back even further, in anticipation of his next move. He sucks my big toe. He begins to drool and his breath deepens; it seems as though he needs this foot worship session just as much as I do. Then I feel the tip of his tongue flicking against the delicate skin between my big toe and my second toe; it’s like the foot fetish equivalent of cunnilingus, especially when he separates my toes with his fingers. At that moment it’s as if he were spreading my legs.

Suddenly my sighs become moans, but just when I really begin to enjoy his devotion and attention, he lowers my foot to the floor and lets go of it. Is the foot worship over already? I wonder, trying not to show my disappointment. But luckily for me he says, ‘now it’s time for the other foot’.

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