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A Ticklee’s Perspective

A Ticklee’s Perspective

Until now, all of my tickle fetish pictures have been taken from the perspective of the tickler.

After an intense photo-session, involving my feet and my photographer’s ruthless tickling, I said ‘adios’ to him and smiled. Then, it was more exquisite torture for me; I had to wait until all the images were sent for my approval. When I received the pictures, it was a perverse highlight to begin examining them with artistic objectivity and forensic detachment.
It’s always been an instructive and insightful process to sort through our foot fetish images because, after all, they were my feet that I was scrutinising. Sometimes, I didn’t recognise them. There were toe shapes and arch curves that I’d never seen with my own eyes, let alone appreciated from the viewpoint of a full-on foot fetishist. Until quite recently, for instance, I hadn’t known what my wrinkled soles looked like.There were numerous other details that I’ve never been in a position to appreciate.
A Ticklee's Perspective Venus O'Hara by Mr Tickle BCN-0001
A photographer who combines the skills of creative composition with the role-play credentials of a dominant tickler is a rare and precious thing.To work efficiently, and promote his fetishistic perspective effectively, the paparazzo tickler needs to balance his camera with one hand while tickling my feet with the other. It’s not easy and being ambidextrous is a clear advantage. A decent tripod helps, of course.
What I needed to explore, and capture, was my own foot voyeurism potential; the ticklee’s fetish perspective. I wanted my foot fans to see what I see: when I’m lying on my back, when my ankles are tied, when I’m looking down at my toes and when a big pair of male hands have got to work on them. The photographer had no problem with handing his camera over for me to use. As he explained “Now, I’ve got both hands free, to tickle you harder.”
I adored having both of his big hands sculpting, rubbing and tickling my tied feet. The contrast of his darker-skinned palms, and fingers, with my lily-white toes made my feet look dainty and delicate. As I framed the images in my mind and set about realising them with the camera, the surreal nature of the experience began to sink in. My appreciation and understanding of foot fetish and tickle fetish began to mature and evolve. minute by minute.
A Ticklee's Perspective Venus O'Hara by Mr Tickle BCN-0008
Although the experience was both fun and informative I found out that, after a while, my raw enjoyment of the tickling became hindered by the responsibility of having the camera in my hands. The concentration required to focus on the details of my feet, and their physical responses to the ongoing tickling stimulus, meant that I couldn’t be completely invested in the intensely private pleasures of a ticklee. I handed the camera back reluctantly. My photographer, MrTickleBCN, shrugged, pouted and resumed his multi-tasking-tickling and shooting.
I just watched him do his work and concentrated fully on his tickling technique and my enjoyment of it.
From time to time, I remembered to anticipate seeing his pictorial version of events compared with my own ticklee’s perspective.

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