5 Winter Fetishes

Winter fetishes need to be enjoyed by everyone when they have the chance. Sometimes, it’s the short period of time that you can appreciate them that makes them so important.

Gloves fetish

Wearing gloves in cold weather isn’t just necessary, it’s a real pleasure. In Winter, the sensual importance of a pair of gloves can be increased by the material that they are made from. They can be wool, cotton or leather. All of those materials become a fetishistic “stand-in” for the skin of the wearer. The movements of a gloved hand can be just as exciting as the feel of the glove itself.

Photo by Victor Ag

Leather Fetish

Wearing leather in warm weather is always a tough call but in Winter it’s a perfect sensual pleasure. It’s as exciting for yourself as it is for others. When you’re walking around outside in frosty weather and you’re comfortable inside your protective jacket you feel like you’re wearing warm armour. The cold atmosphere focuses the animal smell of the leather and amplifies the wonderful creaking sounds it makes.

Photo by Sebas Romero

Fur Fetish

The power of the fur fetish can be explained by its controversial qualities. The main reason to wear them in Winter, however, is for their amazing qualities of insulation against the cold. Almost as important is the way that furs give a woman presence, power and authority. A woman will never be ignored or walk by unnoticed if she is wearing soft and warm furs.
Photo by Sebas Romero

Stockings Fetish

Stocking fetishists find the image and feel of stockings to be a superior turn-on at any time. In Summer, the fashion for young women has moved away from classic hosiery. It has gone towards long socks instead. In Winter, however, the taste for more traditional fashion returns. So do stockings and suspender belts. Certain types of stockings appeal to different fetishists, but their ability to flatter the female leg is what’s really important

Photo by Andrew O’Hara

Socks Fetish

A pair of pretty socks is one of Winter’s more affordable luxuries. Often, a pair can be a vital part of a larger fetish. They work particularly well when added to a short skirt and blouse. Socks remind us of discipline and discomfort.They are something that we were always told to wear. In Winter, the variety and decorative designs of long socks just adds to their provocative appeal.

Photo by Guy Moberly

Soon enough, next seasons clothing will fill the high street windows. The leather, furs and stockings will go back into storage again. Go out in the cold and look around you. There’s plenty of voyeuristic fun to be had.

What are you waiting for?

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    1. Oh yeah, pale and naked inside a “onesie”. You’d make my year if you did a set like that!

  1. It’s freezing outside this weekend. What single thing would warm me faster? Your body or a hot toddy? No deliberation needed. Your body. Always.

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