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5 Reasons to Get a Torso Sex Doll – Featuring Britney from Tantaly


After discovering torso sex dolls, such as Britney from Tantaly, I can only see advantages.  Keep reading to find out more. 


A few years ago, I reviewed a male sex doll for a BBC Three documentary.  Ever since I have purposefully avoided reviewing dolls. That changed, however, when I discovered Tantaly, a torso sex doll manufacturer that has been featured in Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan and Bustle. 


A full-bodied sex doll is bulky, and heavy and shipping can be a nightmare. In general, most shipping companies only have one person carrying out deliveries.  After we had finished filming, I wanted to return the doll to the manufacturer as soon as possible but it took me several days to find a logistics company that was willing to collect such a big package. In the meantime, I had a big box in the middle of my lounge floor that was an awkward conversation starter whenever I had house guests. When I eventually did find a willing logistics company, I was so relieved even though I did feel bad when the delivery guy in question struggled to move the heavy box on his own… 

That experience allowed me to experience first-hand the advantages and disadvantages of sex dolls. After discovering torso dolls, such as Britney from Tantaly, I can only see advantages. 


Here are five of them: 


  • Shipping 


Tantaly offers discreet shipping. All their parcels are hermetically sealed and 100% discreet. Britney is shipped in a plain cardboard box with no reference to Tantaly at all. On the outside of the box, there are no pictures or text pointing to the content of the shipment. The box size is approximately 16.54in x 20.87in x 11.02in or 42cm x 53cm x 28cm and is perfectly manageable for any shipping company. The weight is 34.1lbs or 15.5 kg meaning that it is easy to manoeuvre. 


  • Storage


It is recommended to store Britney (or any torso doll from Tantaly) in a lying position. Given the reduced dimensions, you can easily store it at the bottom of your wardrobe or in a cupboard so that it’s easy to hide away and no one needs to know about her. 


  • Realistic 


A torso sex doll such as Britney has all of the advantages of a full-bodied doll and the convenience of a masturbator cup. Not too big nor too small, Britney is the ideal sex doll for beginners. Bitney is made of TPE which feels like soft human skin. Her breasts are realistic and they even jiggle. 


The outer labia have a softer, wrinkled texture that makes them look very real. She has a vagina and an anus that are both filled with bumps and ridges for a life-like texture which will give you an exciting experience. They will accomodate all penis sizes. 


  • More affordable 


It goes without saying that a smaller doll is more affordable and you don’t even have to compromise on the quality of the materials or the experience. High-quality full-bodied sex dolls are literally worth thousands of dollars meaning that not everyone can indulge in their doll fantasies. But with a torso, sex with a doll can easily become a reality and not just a fantasy.

  • Positions 


Having a lighter doll as opposed to a big full-bodied one allows more possibilities for different sex positions. This is something I noticed straight away when I tried a full-bodied male sex doll. It was big and awkward and I had to do all the work. With something like Britney, you can turn her over for some doggy-style action on a whim without much fuss. 

Britney’s vital stats: 


Net Weight 28.6lbs / 13kg
Gross Weight 34.1lbs / 15.5kg
Vaginal Length 7in / 17.8cm
Anus Length 6.22in / 15.8cm
Leg Circumference (maximum) 15.75in / 40cm
Leg Length 1.18in / 3cm
Suitable Storage Box 16.54in x 20.87in x 11.02in

42cm x 53cm x 28cm


For more information about Britney from Tantaly click here. 


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