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Orgasms At Work: How I Became A Professional Sex Toy Tester.

Orgasms At Work: How I Became A Professional Sex Toy Tester.

Written By Rupert O.


In this video, Venus explains how she became a professional sex toy tester. Other people ask her that question all the time. She receives emails asking: ‘Where do I sign up? How do I become a sex toy tester?’ Venus believes that: ‘when it comes to cool jobs, you just have to create one for yourself.’


In October 2013, Venus was a contributor to El Pais and was writing her third book. She had already made a name for herself as a ‘sexpert’ in the Spanish media. She was hailed as: ‘Spains most influential sex blogger.’ That was very flattering at the time. She always talked about sex toys in her blog.


Back then, she only had a collection comprising 10 different sex toys. There was one, in particular, that she used more than the others. She began to receive lots of free products from various companies. These devices were intended for inclusion in her columns.


She was initially underwhelmed by the complimentary sex toys. The toy she still used more than any other was the rabbit from her original collection. Then, different types of sex toys began to arrive at her door. They offered a wider variety of stimulation than she was used to. She began to enjoy new toys more and more. This helped her as well.


Venus began producing paid reviews for her own website: in Spanish. They were, for the most part, collaborations with erotic boutiques in Spain. Those boutiques would supply her with toys and Venus would put up their banners on her website.


A couple of years later, Venus began to receive products directly from brands. Things really began to change. She began to create content in English. That was around 2015. Then, she began to make videos and created her ‘Sex Toy Laboratory’. From that point, her work as a sex toy tester has grown and grown. Now, she has upward of 600 sex toys in her possession.


Venus is also working on the development side of the sex toy business with some companies. Most of that is top secret. She’s also created her own sex toy – The O Venus. Her career has gone from reviewing toys to: ‘going behind the scenes and helping out with the creation of new products.’ It’s been a fascinating process.


The type of feedback she gives has also been significant. When it involves an existing product, the focus is on selling it and recommending it to the right customer. When the project involves something that doesn’t exist yet, it’s compelling to find all the flaws. Then, by fixing them, and refining the offering, a better product can be readied for the market.


Venus really enjoys all of the orgasmic investigations. For her, being a sex toy tester: ‘isn’t just about having orgasms and getting paid for it.’ There’s a lot more to it than that. Just like any other content creator, Venus is always: ‘writing, making videos, editing videos and sharing all her content on social media.’


She’s very passionate about her work: ‘and not just when I’m having orgasms.’ She’s just as passionate about orgasms when she’s not having them. She’s committed to raising orgasmic awareness.  She knows for a fact that her reviews do this, and have done so on many occasions. Numerous women admit to reading her blog. 


Sometimes she meets them when she makes personal appearances around Spain to promote her toy. They’ve told her that they’ve enjoyed reading her reviews. Then: ‘they started thinking that they should get a sex toy for themselves.’ After they get one and have a great time using it, they usually invest in another one. And another one.


Venus loves seeing the: ‘orgasmic glow on their faces because they know what an orgasm is.’ Venus is aware sometimes when she reads one of their faces that: ‘most women are not reaching their orgasmic potential. And that has to change.’

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