traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai Massage – My Experience.

Traditional Thai Massage – My Experience.

Written by Rupert O.


In this video, Venus explains why she so looks forward to her next traditional Thai massage appointment.


As an orgasmic activist, she always encourages others to indulge in activities that promote self-love. She explains that: ‘It shouldn’t be just about masturbation, getting to know your body and having orgasms.’


Venus loves having traditional Thai massage. Having it every 2 weeks suits her just fine. She has a session booked for the coming weekend and she just can’t wait. As an advocate of self-love, she wants to share her experiences with it.



A few years ago, having a massage, any massage, was a huge indulgence. She couldn’t afford to have it too often. Because she doesn’t drink or smoke, leisure money is directed towards eating in vegan restaurants and massage. Venus always likes to know that: ‘her hard-earned money goes back into investing in me.’


She tried a traditional Thai massage, for the first time, in May of this year. It was her birthday. She loves to have a ‘hard’, deep-tissue treatment. Venus had already seen some videos about Thai massage on YouTube. She just thought: ‘Wow!’


Traditional Thai massage is the type where you wear clothes during the session. The practitioner uses different parts of his, or her, body. They use their weight to better apply the treatment. You would not be lying down all the time; sometimes you would be sitting up. Sometimes, people call this ‘lazy yoga.’


Venus likes it because of how ‘strong’ it is: ‘I love feeling elbows in my back and in my legs.’ Even though some of the practitioners have seemed petite, they have proven to be amazingly strong. After trying other forms of massage, Thai deep-tissue massage is her favourite.


She goes into detail about the physical aspects of the treatment and the after-effects. She’d like to add Reiki and hot stone massage to her ongoing exploration of self-love.

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