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Does Reiki Really Work? My Experience

Does Reiki Really Work? My Experience

Written by Rupert O.


Last week, Venus experienced her first session of Reiki. It was something she became more aware of as her interest in energy healing and crystals grew. This interest had become more apparent in the last few months.


Some people that she knows have had profound experiences with Reiki that they’ve shared with her. In some cases, they had a Reiki master who deduced a lot about them, and their problems, ‘just by doing hover-hands over their bodies.’


Venus enjoys having frequent massages. Although she was motivated to have a Reiki session, there was a concern attached. She was going to spend some of her hard-earned cash on a therapy where physical contact was a lesser concern. Would she feel the results?


A few weeks before, she’d bought herself a green Aventurine crystal. It is a stone that traditionally represents good luck. And it also fosters opportunities. Aventurine teaches you to treat money as something that’s fun. In that spirit, Venus put the stone in an empty jar and began to divert some spare cash into it. In that way, she financed her Reiki session.


When she had sufficient funds in the jar, she booked an appointment. She took an open mind, excitement, and enthusiasm with her. It became part of a day that was dedicated to self-love. To avoid a sense of imminent burn-out, Venus had already resolved to get more rest, work less and meditate more often.


Because of a recent build-up in tension, Venus was wary of going to her Reiki appointment and ending up crying in front of her practitioner. She was only too aware of being frustrated. Although she had a distinct set of professional goals, she was hampered by a lack of sleep. 


At the session, she received Acupressure Reiki. The light touching of her body didn’t stimulate her mind in the same way that a massage would have. When the session came to an end, her expectations weren’t met in quite the way she might have predicted.


In an after-session conversation with her practitioner, Venus craved a piece of sixth sense wisdom to take away with her. She bought a piece of Fluorite, selenite and amazonite to add to her crystal collection instead. She slept a lot better the following night.

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