4 Ways To Have A Hot, Intimate Time With Your Partner


Intimacy is important in every relationship. When intimate time is lacking, both partners can feel lonely and disconnected from the other. This blog post talks about ways to have a hot intimate time with your partner!

Get Creative

One of the primary things that you can do to have a fun and intimate time with your partner is to get creative. In this case, you can even consider the use of butt plugs with tails as this will help you explore each other’s bodies, as well as what your partner deems to be pleasurable.


Try New Things

Another thing that you can do to have an intimate time with your partner is to try new things. In this case, you can talk to each other and discuss some of your sexual fantasies and this will allow you to have a good idea of what your partner wants when it comes to bed as well as what he or she is not into. The key is in ensuring that you get to talk to your partner for you to be able to agree on what to try out to level up your intimacy.

Spice Up The Bedroom

There is also the option for you to spice up the bedroom to level up the intimacy between you and your partner. Make sure that the sheets you are using are fresh and clean because when your sheet smells nice, you will most likely be encouraged to cuddle and spend more time in it. It is also a good idea to ask your partner whether he or she would prefer to have some candles lit or if they have a certain preference when it comes to the scent of the room. In case you are trying to role-play a certain scene during your love-making, you have to ensure that all the necessary props are available. Dress up if you have to because all of these will spice up the bedroom too.

Create An Atmosphere

Finally, make sure to create an atmosphere that will foster intimacy between you and your partner. You can even plan a vacation just to spend quality time with your partner and get intimate. Sometimes, a change of location is all it takes to level up the intimacy between you and your partner and ignite the fire that was once burning in your relationship. Rest assured that when you do try your very best to bring back the level of intimacy that you and your partner once had, soon enough, your efforts will be worth it.

Now that you have ideas for things to do with your partner, why not plan a romantic date night? In the end, there are many ways to show your partner that you love them. You can do something nice for them like cooking their favorite meal or giving them a foot massage. If they’re feeling stressed out and overwhelmed with work, try getting in touch by asking how they feel about things as well as what’s going on in their lives. And if all else fails, just have some fun together!


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