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3 reasons why you MUST use sex toys: the many health benefits of sex toys!

Sex toys were created many years ago. Experts believe that sex toys were even used more than 20.000 years ago. Strangely enough, using sex toys haven’t been as easy to talk about for all of these years. It was something people were quiet about.  Till now. The last few years talking about sex toys have been normalized. And that’s great news, because using and owning sex toys is much more normal than you might think. If you’re in for a whole new experiment in the bedroom, using sex toys can be just what you need. In this article we provide you with three reasons why you MUST use sex toys in the bedroom. Let’s talk about sex! 

  1. Some women need them 


Using dildos or strap ons isn’t only for lonely people. They are also used by couples. And we know why. For some women it’s very difficult getting an orgasm by ‘just having sex’. They need more stimulation to achieve orgasm. It could be very complex for men to find out what she likes. And it will also take a lot of time to achieve this. Meanwhile men will find it far more difficult to maintain their own desires and needs. That’s why most of the women fake orgasm once in a while (sometimes even all of the time!) Sex toys can help to achieve orgasm. So both of you can equally enjoy your time together. 

  1. Discuss sex together 


Using sex toys in a relationship may seem a little bit odd. But believe us, once you start talking about using sex toys and spicing things up in the bedroom, this will have a great effect on your relationship. Bringing up sex toys can be the opening you need to talk about your sex life. Discuss things you want to try or things your partner wants. This kind of conversation is very important to understand his or her needs and to understand your partner better. It will also help increase your performance too. 

  1. They know what to do 


Your sex life may seem great now, but does your partner always know how to pleasure you? Can you even do this yourself? Mind and body aren’t always in sync. It is not easy to stimulate both of them and be as satisfied as you want to be. Using sex toys can be a great aid to stimulate yourself on a whole different level. All adult toys are designed to hit the right spots and create ultimate pleasure. They know what to do. Even when your partner (or even yourself) doesn’t.  


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