2012: A Year of British Fetish

Last year had some real highlights when it came to British fetish. For me, the one that stood out the most was the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. If it was not William’s camp uniform that turned heads then it was Pippa Middleton’s derriere. It seemed like a hard act to follow.

This year exceeded all my expectations when it came to the promotion of British fetish. We had the London Olympics for a start. The highlight of the opening ceremony for me, and for most of the millions watching, was the appearance of the fictional James Bond (as played by Daniel Craig) in a scene starring The Queen playing herself. After the filmed set up we were treated to a live stunt that featured a stunt man in royal drag dropping into the olympic stadium with a Bond lookalike.
The Diamond Jubilee was a dream of British Fetish. When it comes to the allure of a fantasy world populated by aristocrats, princes and princesses nobody does it like Britain. For a while we could believe that we had gone back to a time when courtesy, deference and discipline was the norm and not the exception. Fetishism is about knowing your place in a hierarchy and enjoying the unequal distribution of power that follows from accepting that state of affairs. When the Queen’s reign was celebrated the world over, we all became subs.

The Summer of Sport and the Diamond Jubilee put together represented an unprecedented celebration of British culture. For an ex-pat, like myself, it meant a lot to be reminded of home in such style. Not to be outdone, I had my very own celebration of Britishness this year and it came in two fetish parts.

My book, Ingles Para Pervertidos, flaunted a Union Flag on its cover in the form of a blindfold I was wearing. Inside its pages I succeeded in presenting a fun and effective way to learn all those English words and phrases that any other teacher would refuse to teach you.

2013 promises to be an even more successful year for British fetish, courtesy of Venus O’Hara of course.

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Photos by Sebas Romero

31 thoughts on “2012: A Year of British Fetish”

    1. I loved the Jubilee too, but the bit in the opening ceremony of the Olympics about the NHS was so very fetish as well.

  1. Red hair, white skin, blue blood…the very embodiment of our beloved standard…you deserve a flag salute.

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