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"My mission is to encourage others to use their sexual energy in an empowering way and to eat more plants."
venus ohara orgasm activist

Raising orgasmic awareness. Author. British expat in Spain. Sex toy tester & designer. Brand Ambassador for Satisfyer. YouTuber. Fetishist. Feminist. Vegan. Yogini. Zen.

All persons depicted herein were at least 18 years of age at the time of the photography.
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Features Section

What you can find on this website:


A complete glossary of fetishes with over 50 kinks. We all have a fetish, what’s yours?


Reviews and recommendations of the very best pleasure products by sex toy tester Venus O’Hara


A private area with the best photos. No text to distract you, just images.


Every day is a climax. Here I share topics related to my lifestyle such as veganism, meditation, spirituality, teetotalism and more.

In the Blog

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Sex & Relationships

Is oral sex really safe? Science says no

Medically reviewed by: Dr. Kimberly Langdon (M.D) on 13 November 2021.   The following material may not be apt for young audiences, since it contains …

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Sex & Relationships

Ways to boost your sex life

Our sex life is an important though often overlooked part of our life. Whether you are in a relationship or enjoying a single life, there …

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adrien lastic 2
Sex Toy Reviews

Learning The Tricks of the Sex Toy Trade

I remember when I was at University and had meetings with my careers advisor about my future. My intention after completing my studies in French …

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Fetish Glossary

Supermarket Seduction

Supermarkets turn me on. They do it visually first of all, with their artistic arrangements of fresh fruit and vegetables. Those vivid colours, refreshing aromas …

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gloves fetish by Venus O'Hara Victor Ag
Fetish Glossary

Zentai Fantasies

At this moment I should be working on an article but I’m thinking about zentai instead. In fact, I just can’t seem to get it …

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corset fetish title Venus O'Hara by Sebas Romero
Corset Fetish

Corsetry Customs

It has to be a very special occasion indeed for me to indulge in corsetry customs. An authentic commitment to those protocols also requires the …

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